Introduction to Door-to-Door Delivery and Pickup


Delivery is a process of transporting the goods from one location to other location known as a destination. Firms that are specialized in delivering goods, documents, and any items to the consumers are known as delivery services. The types of delivery service are postal, courier, and relocation services. All these types of services can have either door-to-door delivery or submitting the package to the service center for transporting.

The latest and new technology for delivery service is using a door-to-door delivery service which means that the parcel will be collected from your doorstep and you don’t require to wait in a long line to send your parcel.

When using the door-to-door delivery service through the courier app you can choose the preferred pickup day and time.

door to door delivery

The following process is used while using the door-to-door delivery service.

Booking: First you need to enter the pickup address of the parcel and give pickup instructions so that driver can find the location of the pickup when they will come to collect the parcel. This information can be saved for future in your profile once you sign-in using your credentials in the app, however, this information can be changed if you need.

In Transit: Once the package is collected they make their way towards the destination and the driver will follow your instructions to complete the delivery service. If the delivery is not possible on the first try, a card is left so that redelivery can be organized.However, you can track the delivery of your parcel through real-time location tracker.

Delivery: Once the parcel is delivered, a notification is sent to the sender via email. Here the service provider expects that the customer rates the pickup experience as well as receiver rate the delivery experience. The ratings provided by the customers make the service provider improve their service better.

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