The Ultra Violet Rays protection cover provided by Zinc compounds


The father of all living forms, and the radiator of all the sources of energy could be seen with naked eyes in the sky so open that its volume is unfathomable. The radiations of sun , the originator of all living forms, is a blessing for the living forms, as the autotrophs produce their own food with the process of photosynthesis and then the heterotrophs feed on them to keep the food chain and food web working in an efficient manner for long.

The harmful prospect

However, the sun rays also cast some harmful radiations that are real threat to human race, plant kingdom and animal kingdom as well. The total 10 percent of sun’s radiation is comprised of the Ultra Violet radiation that can cause cancer and skin related issues to the ones who are exposed to it for long.

Anti UV Zinc Oxide

But the presence of Anti UV Zinc Oxide ensures there is no threat to the human forms from the harmful UV radiation originating from the sun. The sun appears to be the source of life, but the same life form is protected from the harmful consequences produced with its continued exposure. Anti UV Zinc oxide turns away the UV rays, at a faster pace and rate as compared to other Anti UV elements such as titanium. This enables the production of Anti UV Zinc Oxide an important factor for majority of the cosmetics producing industries, as all sorts of ointments and sunscreens to prevent the sunburns and cancer threats are prepared with constituents of the same. This leaves another business front open for the suitors who are doing well to serve the mankind with their efforts to prevent harmful ultra violet radiations enter the human skin to cause bad tempers. Therefore, UV rays protection cover is provided by Zinc compounds.

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